Spoke with State Rep. Wes Keller (AK) about tapping in to the national homeschooler network and was advised that the person to talk to was, without question, none other than Mike Farris.  It dawned on me (I am actually pretty new to this current project) that Mike has behind him a national army of homeschoolers.  Drawing on this resource to mobilize support behind an Article V effort is, in political terms, brilliant.  These are exactly the sort of people we want.  I have little doubt that Mike has their full support.  He’s been through the wars with them, as their attorney. 

We really have only one disagreement with Mike and Mark Meckler, concerning the scope of the call.  Later I spoke with Dave Biddulph about all this.  None of it was news to him.  We agreed that when the day comes when we can pool our efforts with them, the job will become immeasurably easier.

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