Showing up on the radar

Despite some inroads, the Article V movement is off the radar.  Only a tiny number of people understand the significance of what we’re doing, the progress we’ve made, and the path to victory we’re on.  Glen Beck had Mark Meckler on his national show, and has become a big proponent of Article V.  But because Meckler was there to promote CoS, I’m sure no mention was made of  the BBA Task Force and the 20 Resolutions we have in hand.  I’m sure it’s discussed here and there on talk radio, but nobody pays it much mind.

This is understandable.  Whenever I come across an article touting a constitutional amendment as the solution to our problems, I move on.  Passing a constitutional amendment is hard.  Getting 2/3 of the House, and then 2/3 of the Senate, to vote to propose an amendment is tough.  There needs to be a bipartisan consensus on something, and in the polarized world of Washington it’s laughable to see John Boehner and Harry Reed agreeing on anything, much less a constitutional amendment.

In 2014 I think we show up on the radar.  Getting to 21 in January, with Michigan, will be a start, but not enough.  I actually have no idea at what point people start to take this seriously, but if we manage to have a series of victories this spring it seems to me the story will be compelling.  I’m certainly not predicting the sequence, but if 2014 sees South Dakota as 22, Georgia as 23, Idaho as 24, South Carolina as 25, Tennessee as 26, Arizona as 27, Oklahoma as 28, Louisiana as 29, and then, a big one, Wisconsin as 30 – if all that happens over the space of four months or so, this has got to become a story!

On balance, that’s a good thing.  Because the logic of Article V is so airtight, the more people know about it, the easier things should get.  The big question is the response of the left.  If they took us seriously they would be mobilizing against us now, so our low profile has been advantageous.  That’s got to change, it seems to me.  Any intelligent leftist who saw where we’re going with Article V would be outraged.  The left wing interest groups rely on the federal government to advance their causes, and we’re all about taking power away from the feds, and restoring it to the states, and the people.  That’s gotta piss these people off.

Feminists, race hustlers, public broadcasters, trial lawyers, corporate rent seekers, teacher’s unions, Washington lobbyists, environmentalists, public employee unions, the academic community  —  we’re a threat to them all.  Once awakened, they will fight, and they are formidable.  They could very well beat us in Virginia.  But in Utah?  Hell, their opposition there could be a boon.  Likewise in the states that don’t go into session until 2015: Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming.  In other words, by the time they wake up it may well be too late.  We’ll be fighting on our ground.  And we have reinforcements coming in Oregon, Washington, Kentucky, Minnesota, and Maine.

My son Darren created this web site, and has set me up with Facebook, Twitter, GoDaddy, and all the rest.  We’re 50/50 on this thing.  He may be going to Europe this fall, and needs someone to take care of his dog.  So my wife and I may be in Bozeman, Montana for the last three weeks or so leading up to November 4.  I may be able to somehow involve myself in the state legislative races not only in Montana, but neighboring North Dakota and Wyoming, as well.  This could give me a leg up when I lobby these legislatures in December and January.  And one of them could be number 34.

It would be very cool if the left tried to stop us in those three states.  It would be their last hope.  I can see these people descending on Helena, Cheyenne, and Bismarck in a panic.

I’ll be waiting for them.



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