End game

In this holiday hiatus, it’s natural to look beyond the legislative battles that will be fought this winter and spring.  Come summer it will be time to focus on Nov. 4th.  The Reagan Project is predicated on a large Republican wave, so there’s no point in worrying about defending legislative majorities we already have.  Riding a wave means capturing new territory, not defending what you have.

Which means that from June on our energy is concentrated in Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, Kentucky, and Maine.  For starters we want to send the IAmAmerican road show into each of these states.  Ideally, it would be in conjunction with some local event, like a state fair.  The goal of these appearances is to rally tea party support for state legislative candidates.  We’ll hopefully be working with CoS by then, so Mike Farris will be unleashing the homeschoolers to the cause.  We will get college YR’s and the young libertarians of Young Americans for Liberty on the case.  Independent PACs will be set up in each state as a receptacle of whatever dollars we can raise.  And, beginning now, I will be on local talk radio in each of them as well, propagandizing.

This is all very much local politics, but we will try to nationalize these elections.  We want Article V to be an issue, and that necessarily means federalism and reining in a federal government run amok.  And we are tightly focused not on just electing legislators who support Article V, but on electing those who will organize behind legislative leaders who will bring Article V Resolutions to the floor for a vote.  Which means voting out the current Speakers and Senate Presidents — Democrats all.  I don’t give a rat’s ass about getting Democrat legislative candidates behind Article V.  They may talk a good game, but when it comes time to organize they’ll stick with leadership that will never allow a vote.

This all ties in with the previous post, about public awareness of what we’re doing.  We’ll beat Article V over people’s heads, drive the issue into these elections.  As Obamacare continues to implode, and federal fecklessness is on full display, it’s a natural.  For political animals like me, this is all good fun. 

Secondary targets will be Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, and any state where we have been unsuccessful, such as, possibly, Utah.  If we lose in Virginia, we’re SOL, since their legislature won’t be up until 2015. The idea in these states is to grease the wheels for quick and easy passage of the Resolution early in 2015.

I’ve always loved watching election results come in on election night. My first wedding anniversary was Nov. 7, 1972. My new bride was a bit disappointed when we spent it watching the Nixon landslide. I can’t wait to watch the returns come in from state legislative campaigns ten months from now.

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