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An encouraging sign for a BBA through Article V is its embrace by Govs. Kasich and Pence.  As our Resolution moves through the Wisconsin legislature I have very little doubt that Gov. Walker will join them.  IMHO the 2016 Presidential nominee of the Republican Party will be one of these three.  They’re all solid conservatives with long and impressive resumes.

Sen. Ted Cruz is more dynamic than any of them, but I bet that his thin resume, similar in many respects to Obama’s when he won the nomination, will be a serious problem for him.  And there is a widespread feeling, and not just among “moderates”, that he made a major error in leading the government shutdown.  He had no end game, he may have cost Ken Cuccinelli the governorship of Virginia, and his goal — delaying Obamacare — was actually against the political interest of the Republican Party.  Letting Obamacare go into effect has been the greatest boon to the Republicans since the epic failure of the Carter Presidency.  The shutdown, in retrospect, looks to  be a self-serving rookie mistake. 

Sen. Rand Paul doesn’t look ready, and he seems to know it.

All the talk about NJ Gov. Christie is crap.  He’s an East Coaster to his bones, and it won’t sell in the South and West.  The NRA will take him out without breaking a sweat.

LA Gov. Bobby Jindal has a great deal going for him, but he hasn’t managed to be as successful a Governor as the other three mentioned above.  He’s made a lot of enemies in the Republican legislature, and, in all candor, he’s exotic.  It shouldn’t be a liability, but it is.  I think Republicans will want to play it safe, and not break new ground by nominating an Indian -American.

So the big three are Kasich, Pence, and Walker.  Assuming Walker comes aboard behind our Resolution, all three backers of our cause.  And, as we begin to get closer to 34, and we start showing up on the radar, it sure as hell seems to me that they will begin to bang the drum for Article V.  Right now, with Washington so widely despised, it’s kind of a no-brainer. 

Article V will become a de facto part of the Republican nomination process, embraced by all — part of the Republican consensus.  We hope to get to 34 early in 2015, but if we run into headwinds, and are forced to fight into 2016, this could be big.

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