The Revolution of the States

Once we reach 34, and a Convention of States is convened, its only official function will be to propose a balanced budget amendment.  But, once this is accomplished, and the Convention officially adjourns, the assembled delegates from the 50 states can meet unofficially.  They can debate, and recommend, what comes next.  An amendment to limit Congressional terms?  The Madison Amendment, making it easier for the states to amend the Constitution?  The Federalism amendment, allowing 3/5 of the states to repeal federal laws or regulations?  Mark Levin’s “The Liberty Amendments” has ten separate amendments which could be considered.

While a recommendation from the delegates to the Convention would be non-binding, it would give impetus to one or more of the possible amendments.  It seems to me that once the state legislators of this country have successfully exercised the power given to them by Article V, they’re going to want to do it again.  Collectively, they have the power to fundamentally change the direction of this country.  If the election of 2014 has put the Republicans in control of Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, Kentucky, and Maine, they will have a rare window of opportunity to do things that might seem, to some, as radical.

I’m talking about repealing the 16th Amendment, which gave us the income tax.  Congress has used this power to control our lives.  It’s how they raise all their campaign cash.  It’s incredibly wasteful and inefficient, creating all kinds of perverse incentives.  It’s a major drag on  the economy.  And it’s the ultimate infringement of our liberty.

To replace the revenue, a consumption tax, or value-added tax, would be needed.  If Congress botches it, their product could be repealed and replaced by an Article V  amendment.

Repealing the 16th Amendment may be a bridge too far.  The country may not be ready for such a massive disruption.  It’s hard to say, this far out.  But maybe, just maybe, the appetite for reform will be strong enough to make it doable.  If so, this whole Article V movement will need a name.

Like the Revolution of the States.



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