We’ve got 20.

21- Michigan  Things couldn’t look much better.  Should be soon.

22 – South Carolina  Passed House.  Apparently in a Senate Committee with a hostile chairman.  There are, of course, a variety of ways to deal with a hostile chairman – starting with a call from the Senate President and Majority Leader.  I’m going to find out more about this, and try to help with a solution.  We’ll get SC

23 – Georgia  Passed Senate, waiting in House for an unenthusiastic Speaker to let it on the floor.  Latest from GA is that will happen.

24 – Wisconsin  52 of 99 sponsoring in House, 13 of 33 in Senate.  Great leadership from Rep. Kapenga.  Sen. Johnson a big booster.  Gov. Walker surely will join in soon.  Looking good!

25- Tennessee  Speaker of the House is a co-prime sponsor, with 26 colleagues.  I’m counting on him to get the Senate to play along.  Speakers have lots of ways to do that.

26 – South Dakota  How we could fail in SD is beyond me.  Could happen in Feb.

27 – Idaho   I’m almost as positive about ID as SD.  I’m on top of this one.

28 – Arizona  Only problem appears to be a reluctant Senate President.  We hear he’s a reasonable man.  Reasonable men can be dealt with.

29 – Oklahoma  Problems with Birchers, but the strong support of iconic Sen. Coburn should defuse that.  OK is O. K.

30 – Louisiana  My pal Rep. Harrison says he’s going to get it done.  I believe him.

31 – Utah  Birch problems here.  If we can’t get Sen. Lee to help us take them on, it’s tough.

32 – Virginia  Uphill.

33 – Montana  Can do.

34 Wyoming   Can do too.

35 – North Dakota  Can do three.

36-40  (After 2014 election ) Maine, Minnesota, Kentucky, Washington, and Oregon.

We’ll get her done.


I guess we’re worried about a House Rules Committee vote on our Resolution in VA.  There are seven members we/’re not sure of.  I will call the staffers of all of them tomorrow morning and make the pitch.  I also offered suggestions to our executive director, Scott Rogers about who we could ask to contact these guys.  I’m not sure we really have much in the way of resources to throw at them.  It’s frustrating.

There’s inside politics, and outside politics.  The Task Force has been playing inside, and doing pretty well.  But we have no real outside game.  It’s a problem.  Inside politics is the mechanics of passing a bill.  Outside politics is building public support for the bill.  We’re trying to play tea party politics, which is an outside game.  It helped in Ohio, and will elsewhere.  But there’s a lot to be done beyond the Tea Party.  I’m trying to do it with talk radio, but there’s a hell of a lot more that could be done.

I’ve got to get everyone on the Task Force to think of this thing like a political campaign, as well as a lobbying effort in state Capitols.  In politics you’re always trying to get the message out, using the media whenever you can.  We’ve got nothing when it comes to media.  If we had money we could hire an actual PR guy.

Patience.  Patience.  This will go on for a couple years beyond 2014.  And when you get the BBA through, the real fun starts, as everybody wakes up to Article V and starts pushing other Liberty Amendments.

Our day will come.

Optimism and self deception

I tend to see the glass half full.  Being such a rabid partisan, I also tend to think my side will win.  Sometimes I’m so wrong.  I thought Clinton wouldn’t survive the stain on Lewinsky’s blue dress.  People didn’t care.  I used to tell people that Wally Hickel was a complete asshole, and half way out of his mind with megalomania.  They didn’t care. 

I should have learned my lesson with Ted Stevens.  What an obnoxious little bastard he was.  But I knew people didn’t care, and I acted accordingly.

Obama’s a dope, and a liar.  The difference, I guess, between him  and Clinton is that Clinton lied about his personal sexual misconduct.  Obama lied about the biggest legislation of his Presidency, one that personally affected tens of millions of people.  That’s got to make a difference.  Except he’s black, so people want to cut him some slack.  The R’s have got to be careful.  We shouldn’t mock the sorry bastard. 

Anyway, I continue to believe in the Reagan Project.  It makes so much sense, it’s so timely, the winds continue to fill our sails.  I’m just impatient.  I want the dam to burst, and have everyone realize this is for real.  Biden called the passage of Obamacare a big effin’ deal.  He was so right, except that the dumb bastard had it totally ass backwards.

I think the current conventional wisdom about Hillary is wrong.  1) I’m not sure she’ll run, at all 2) If she runs I think she’ll have a fight on her hands to get the nomination.  Aren’t people getting sick of her?  God, she’s been around for almost a quarter century  3)  I think we kick her ass in the general.  Boy do I have fun thinking up Benghazi attack ads.  Feature the grieving mother of one of those killed, coupled with the statement that Hillary will come to regret, “At this point, what difference does it make?”  Or an ad with the father of one of those killed.  The guy who says Hillary came up to “console” him by repeating all the bullshit about the video causing the whole thing.  You use an independent group, just like the Swift Boat Veterans and Kerry.  That killed him.  This could take Hillary out.

In my dreams I’m in the room when these ads are made.

An idea

Why  not get Congressional supporters of the BBA to testify before their state legislature?  Sen. Coburn (OK) is a big supporter.  Why couldn’t he appear as a witness at a committee hearing of the OK legislature?

Why, indeed.  He goes home to OK during recesses.  The committee could make special arrangements for him.  It would be highly symbolic, and very newsworthy, it seems to me.  To have a U.S. Senator ask a state legislative committee to fix the federal government is a perfect illustration of what Article V is all about.

Sen. Johnson of WS is another big supporter.  He should testify.  Sen. Crapo (ID), same deal.  Sen. Thune (SD), Sen. Vitter (LA) might do it as well.  If this happened I’ve got to believe we would bust through the media blackout we’ve been operating under.  I’m going to push this idea as much as I can.  If we get just one Senator to do it, great.  It could start a trend.

Why would they do it?  Because it gives them cred with the Tea Party, and other angry Republicans.  It’s a cheap and easy way to score points with the base.  And there really isn’t any downside.  A few Birchers might be upset, oh well.

Heard on the CC today that Gov. Snyder of Michigan used his state of the state last night to strongly support the BBA in MI.  The political wind continues to blow our way.  I’ll be in touch with the MI people next week, trying to figure a way to get some national press when they become our 21st state.  There should be a way.

Made my first talk show appearance today, with Fred Forman in Yankton, SD.  Went great.  I was a little nervous.  I’ve been blowing my own horn about how I can do talk radio, and the time came to put up or shut up. 

It was like eating chocolate ice cream.


I’ll be doing all I can in the next ten days to get on Oklahoma talk radio in order to promote the IAmAmerican OK events on Jan.22 and 23.  It won’t be easy.  Article V is still a political cult, and until we go mainstream we’ll b e ignored.  That’s frustrating.

What’s it going to take?  Ohio’s passage, and Kasich’s letter, had no impact.  Michigan probably won’t either. 

We need to get on Fox News.  How the hell do we do that?  Connections, a chance to make the pitch.  We should go to a prominent supporter and get them on the case.  Kasich, Pence, Jindal and Sen. Johnson (WS) need to be approached, through their press aides.  We should be able to get through to these guys.  Give them the pitch — how kit helps their boss to b e in the public vanguard for Article V.  These guys have got to have connections to Fox News.  Get them jacked, and they’ll make the pitch for us.  It’s an  angle.  I’m going to try it.

The other way is some publicity stunt.  That’s hard.  Got to be creative.  Think.  Have the RGA do a presser announcing their support?  I’ll have to ask the press aides of governor supporters about that.  Keep an eye on the Tea Party.  Hopefully, they’ll be having rallies and stuff.  They get coverage.  Horn in on it.  Something.

Keep knocking on the door, and you might get in.