An idea

Why  not get Congressional supporters of the BBA to testify before their state legislature?  Sen. Coburn (OK) is a big supporter.  Why couldn’t he appear as a witness at a committee hearing of the OK legislature?

Why, indeed.  He goes home to OK during recesses.  The committee could make special arrangements for him.  It would be highly symbolic, and very newsworthy, it seems to me.  To have a U.S. Senator ask a state legislative committee to fix the federal government is a perfect illustration of what Article V is all about.

Sen. Johnson of WS is another big supporter.  He should testify.  Sen. Crapo (ID), same deal.  Sen. Thune (SD), Sen. Vitter (LA) might do it as well.  If this happened I’ve got to believe we would bust through the media blackout we’ve been operating under.  I’m going to push this idea as much as I can.  If we get just one Senator to do it, great.  It could start a trend.

Why would they do it?  Because it gives them cred with the Tea Party, and other angry Republicans.  It’s a cheap and easy way to score points with the base.  And there really isn’t any downside.  A few Birchers might be upset, oh well.

Heard on the CC today that Gov. Snyder of Michigan used his state of the state last night to strongly support the BBA in MI.  The political wind continues to blow our way.  I’ll be in touch with the MI people next week, trying to figure a way to get some national press when they become our 21st state.  There should be a way.

Made my first talk show appearance today, with Fred Forman in Yankton, SD.  Went great.  I was a little nervous.  I’ve been blowing my own horn about how I can do talk radio, and the time came to put up or shut up. 

It was like eating chocolate ice cream.

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