Optimism and self deception

I tend to see the glass half full.  Being such a rabid partisan, I also tend to think my side will win.  Sometimes I’m so wrong.  I thought Clinton wouldn’t survive the stain on Lewinsky’s blue dress.  People didn’t care.  I used to tell people that Wally Hickel was a complete asshole, and half way out of his mind with megalomania.  They didn’t care. 

I should have learned my lesson with Ted Stevens.  What an obnoxious little bastard he was.  But I knew people didn’t care, and I acted accordingly.

Obama’s a dope, and a liar.  The difference, I guess, between him  and Clinton is that Clinton lied about his personal sexual misconduct.  Obama lied about the biggest legislation of his Presidency, one that personally affected tens of millions of people.  That’s got to make a difference.  Except he’s black, so people want to cut him some slack.  The R’s have got to be careful.  We shouldn’t mock the sorry bastard. 

Anyway, I continue to believe in the Reagan Project.  It makes so much sense, it’s so timely, the winds continue to fill our sails.  I’m just impatient.  I want the dam to burst, and have everyone realize this is for real.  Biden called the passage of Obamacare a big effin’ deal.  He was so right, except that the dumb bastard had it totally ass backwards.

I think the current conventional wisdom about Hillary is wrong.  1) I’m not sure she’ll run, at all 2) If she runs I think she’ll have a fight on her hands to get the nomination.  Aren’t people getting sick of her?  God, she’s been around for almost a quarter century  3)  I think we kick her ass in the general.  Boy do I have fun thinking up Benghazi attack ads.  Feature the grieving mother of one of those killed, coupled with the statement that Hillary will come to regret, “At this point, what difference does it make?”  Or an ad with the father of one of those killed.  The guy who says Hillary came up to “console” him by repeating all the bullshit about the video causing the whole thing.  You use an independent group, just like the Swift Boat Veterans and Kerry.  That killed him.  This could take Hillary out.

In my dreams I’m in the room when these ads are made.

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