I guess we’re worried about a House Rules Committee vote on our Resolution in VA.  There are seven members we/’re not sure of.  I will call the staffers of all of them tomorrow morning and make the pitch.  I also offered suggestions to our executive director, Scott Rogers about who we could ask to contact these guys.  I’m not sure we really have much in the way of resources to throw at them.  It’s frustrating.

There’s inside politics, and outside politics.  The Task Force has been playing inside, and doing pretty well.  But we have no real outside game.  It’s a problem.  Inside politics is the mechanics of passing a bill.  Outside politics is building public support for the bill.  We’re trying to play tea party politics, which is an outside game.  It helped in Ohio, and will elsewhere.  But there’s a lot to be done beyond the Tea Party.  I’m trying to do it with talk radio, but there’s a hell of a lot more that could be done.

I’ve got to get everyone on the Task Force to think of this thing like a political campaign, as well as a lobbying effort in state Capitols.  In politics you’re always trying to get the message out, using the media whenever you can.  We’ve got nothing when it comes to media.  If we had money we could hire an actual PR guy.

Patience.  Patience.  This will go on for a couple years beyond 2014.  And when you get the BBA through, the real fun starts, as everybody wakes up to Article V and starts pushing other Liberty Amendments.

Our day will come.

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