We’ve got 20.

21- Michigan  Things couldn’t look much better.  Should be soon.

22 – South Carolina  Passed House.  Apparently in a Senate Committee with a hostile chairman.  There are, of course, a variety of ways to deal with a hostile chairman – starting with a call from the Senate President and Majority Leader.  I’m going to find out more about this, and try to help with a solution.  We’ll get SC

23 – Georgia  Passed Senate, waiting in House for an unenthusiastic Speaker to let it on the floor.  Latest from GA is that will happen.

24 – Wisconsin  52 of 99 sponsoring in House, 13 of 33 in Senate.  Great leadership from Rep. Kapenga.  Sen. Johnson a big booster.  Gov. Walker surely will join in soon.  Looking good!

25- Tennessee  Speaker of the House is a co-prime sponsor, with 26 colleagues.  I’m counting on him to get the Senate to play along.  Speakers have lots of ways to do that.

26 – South Dakota  How we could fail in SD is beyond me.  Could happen in Feb.

27 – Idaho   I’m almost as positive about ID as SD.  I’m on top of this one.

28 – Arizona  Only problem appears to be a reluctant Senate President.  We hear he’s a reasonable man.  Reasonable men can be dealt with.

29 – Oklahoma  Problems with Birchers, but the strong support of iconic Sen. Coburn should defuse that.  OK is O. K.

30 – Louisiana  My pal Rep. Harrison says he’s going to get it done.  I believe him.

31 – Utah  Birch problems here.  If we can’t get Sen. Lee to help us take them on, it’s tough.

32 – Virginia  Uphill.

33 – Montana  Can do.

34 Wyoming   Can do too.

35 – North Dakota  Can do three.

36-40  (After 2014 election ) Maine, Minnesota, Kentucky, Washington, and Oregon.

We’ll get her done.

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