Go Georgia!

Georgia passed our Reso, along with a Delegation Limitation Act.  We’re finally up to 21.  Our main man, Sen. Bill Cowsert, came through.  Thank God.  After an unexpected loss in SD, I think we all needed this win.  It should encourage our sponsors and supporters all over the country.

I think I’ve mentioned wondering about LA.  They don’t go into session until 3-31, so what, me worry?

Not to whine, but sending out these pledge letters is a pain in the butt.  96 to KY House candidates, 195 to WV House and Senate.  It’s more work than I want.  I’ll do OR, ME, WA, and MN, but to go beyond that, I’m going to have to get help.  I need to reach out to local Tea Party people to do some of the grunt stuff.  I definitely want to do MT, WY and ND.  A lot will depend on how many pledge cards are returned.  Here’s hoping.

Talking to my wife, Babbie, brings a different perspective.  She and her friends think the Tea Party is yukkie.  What I’m doing with the task force is fine, as long as it’s not a Tea Party thing.  This is important and I hadn’t really thought it through.  We want all the Tea Party support we can get, but it’s important to maintain a separate identity.  This is going to be something I’ll be sure and keep in mind, moving forward.

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