Tennessee and Idaho

Very good reports from TN and ID.   I think, barring something weird, we get TN.  Sen. Marv Hagedorn says everything’s on track in ID, and Typhoon Lew is there this weekend talking to the Tea Party.  This guy is amazing.  A former Navy Petty Officer, he really can relate to the regular folks you find at Tea Party events — normal, concerned, and patriotic Americans.  He speaks their language, is very animated, and knows how to make the case.  Lou Marin, a Great Living American.  By the time he leaves Idaho, the betting is he will have recruited a local to take an official role in the cause.  What a guy.  I look forward to seeing him again, at December’s ALEC meet, if not before.

GA Sen. Bill Cowsert reported on his success.  Two years ago the Tea Party fought him, and he failed.  This year the Tea Party was with him, and the vote in the House was something like 112 to 65.  Last year a political rival of his in the GA House (they were both thinking of running for the same Congressional seat) convinced the Speaker to kill the bill, and deny Bill an issue if he ran.  That’s over (she ran, he didn’t) so the Speaker let it slide.  This shows two things.  1)  We’ve got to get the Tea Party  2)  Obscure legislative rivalries can kill your bill just as easily as open opposition.  For all we know, this may be behind SC Senate Finance Chair Leatherman’s refusal to pass our bill out.  Sometimes it’s hard to get to the bottom of these things.  Only true in siders know what’s going on, and  most of them won’t talk.  Lesson:  if possible, when getting our sponsors in WY, ND, and MT, we should get presiding officers or powerful respected veterans.  Don’t settle for less.

Everybody’s still jacked about GA.

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