The test

UT Rep. Kraig Powell seems to  be an exceptionally earnest young man.  For some reason he seems to hold me in some esteem.  He quickly agreed to set me up to meet not only with the House Republican Caucus on Thursday, but with the Conservative Caucus Wed. morning at 7:00.  So I’ll get my shot at these guys.  The big one, for me, is the Conservative Caucus, because it presumably includes the hard right Birch sympathizers we have to get.  My own politics has always been hard right.  I used to say on my talk show that I was as conservative as you could be without being a nut.  So I should be able to relate to these guys.  My hope is that they’ll open up to me about their concerns of a runaway.  I know I won’t be able to completely disabuse them of this, but I’m hoping, and assuming, that the format of this meeting is informal, give and take.  So I’ll get a chance to show that the truly “hard right” stance is pro Article V.  As Sen. Cowsert (GA) told us on Friday, some of the GA legislators stated in the floor debate on our Reso that they did, in fact, remain concerned about a runaway.  But they were willing to take that risk, because the alternative — to do nothing — is even riskier.  Which is, of course, true.

The Task Force guys, Bill Fruth in particular, have been bearish on UT.  They think we have no chance without rallying Tea Party grass roots support.  They may be right.  But if I could somehow convince enough of these guys to pass the Reso in the House, I will have proved them wrong.  Naturally, I have an exaggerated opinion of my own persuasive skills. 

Utah is my test.

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