What’s in it for me?

That’s what Juneau Sen. Bill Ray said to some Democratic presidential campaign, when they sought his help.  So if I get in front of the Granite Construction PAC, that’s what they’re thinking.  Here’s the answer:  you get entitlement reform.  It’s the only way to get it, through a BBA.  There will be no real pressure on military construction, at least long term, because that’s not where the money is.  It’s all going to entitlements.  Reform entitlements, and we can return to normal budgeting, which will allow a normal percentage to construction.  I’d like to get in front of some defense contractors, like Lockheed, make the same pitch.

Makes sense to me.

Money money money

I’ve become a fundraiser.  With half a million or so we can do this next year.  No money, no can do.  I’ll try for Cbiz money through my son Darren’s Bozeman boss, Granite Construction $ through Peyton’s acting stepfather Jay McQuillan, Altria (Phillip Morris) $ through a lobbyist friend of my old legislative assistant, Frank Bickford.  Former Califonia Assembly Minority Bob Naylor is now a Sacto lobbyist.  We’re YR friends from college, and I’ll try to sign him up for the cause at lunch in 10 days or so.  Likewise with Sacto lobbyist Laurie Hamson, a friend of Robin Taylor’s.  I want 25 to 50 big ones from each of them.  Once I make a sale I’ll generate leads at the same time. 

I’m selling Article V.  It’s a great product, that I know like the back of my hand —  better than anyone, as a matter of fact.  The timing for the sale is absolutely ideal.  And getting better.  My problem is making contact with my customers.  If I get my foot in the door I will make sales.

Either that or I’m just an old man peddling bullshit.

Pay Back

AZ Senate Pres. Biggs has killed our bill.  We can’t take him out — he’s not up this year.  What we will do is try to kick him out of the chair in the AZ Senate Caucus after November.  We need AZ intel on Senate candidates.  They’ll probably organize right after the election; we’ve got to be ready with an alternative candidate.

In Utah, in addition to protecting our votes from retaliation, we need to take out at least one of our Republican opponents.  We’ll get a group going, Utah for a Balanced Budget, and call every Republican supervoter in a target’s district.  We’ll tell them about his vote against the BBA, and ask them to turn up at the nominating caucus to toss his ass.  We can do this.  All it takes is manpower and organization.  I can do the organization, IAmAmerican can provide the manpower.  All we need is intel from Reps. Powell and Ivory, and a candidate.  Doable.

Our Wisconsin problem should be solved in November.  The Big Storm should add a couple Republican Senators.  I’ll bet we get Gov. Walker pushing it, as well.

We know what we need to do in ID, UT, SD, ND, WY and MT.  We just need to execute.  We also need to make sure we’re on board with the leadership in each House and Senate.  Intel needed.  ID and UT are fine, but we need to make sure we don’t get Biggsed.

I’m getting all jacked up about running for Congress as a Balanced Budget Democrat.  I will be the candidate of the white working class.  I’ll run against Wall Street, foreign wars, affirmative action, job-killing environmentalism, illegal immigration, and public sector unions.  I’m for the working man, not the businessman.  I’ve got a great message.

Will I be heard?


That’s me, a Balanced Budget Democrat.  Changed my registration online this morning.  The Task Force is now bipartisan.  Since I didn’t think of this until after the March 7 filing deadline, I can’t be of much help to my Congressman, Tom McClintock, this year.  His only opponent is a Republican who is relying on Democrat votes to beat him.  What I will do is write a letter to the editor asking my fellow BBD’s to support him.  Being a fellow Democrat, they might listen to me.

I emailed the announcement of my candidacy to about 30 people this morning.  The response has been pretty good, though Kirk Uhler accused me of drinking.  I feel as though I have the nucleus of a winning team.

Jim Rockett suggested, for a bumper sticker                      PETTYJOHN for CONGRESS                                                               

                                                                                               Balanced Budget Democrat

I like that.  I’ve got to get bumper stickers.  When I do run, in 2016, it’s actually quite likely no Democrat will oppose me for the nomination.  It’s that kind of district.  So me and Tom will be going at it, head to head.  I hope there’s a lot of debates.  I looked up Tom on Wikipedia, and he’s only 57.  I thought he was older.  He’s still young enough to run statewide, which he’s done three times and lost.  Never raised enough money.  I look forward to getting to know the guy. 

I’ll bet we’re pals.


The Beginning of the Storm

That’s the best name I’ve come up with for November.  Word out of dysfunctional, Democratic Illinois is that the R’s primary today will produce nominee Rauner for Gov., and he may well win.  The Senate playing field continues to expand.  Michigan looks good, and so, suddenly, do Virginia, New Hampshire and Colorado.  Minnesota and Oregon are now worth talking about.  Red and purple expand, red contracts.  I read dozens of stories about the coming blow out.

My problem is I get too jacked up.  But I’ve spent the last five months working Article V, all in the hope and expectation that this wave hits and hits big.  What do you call a series of waves?  A storm.  This is going to last into 2016 and beyond, I reckon.  I, as a member of the Republican political class, am playing my part.  I did it with Reagan, and this time I’m operating at a higher level.  Because I know what I’m doing, I believe my part will get bigger. 

It’s true that I don’t have the energy I once had, and pretty much shut it down at five.  But my current involvement is such that I do pretty much only what I feel like doing.  I’ve made two commitments: to get the pledge letter out and to travel to Capitols next January.  The latter is a sacrifice, but the cause is worth it.  Everything I’ve read, learned, and experienced in 50 years of political involvement has made me an asset, and one that is being used.  I just can’t overcommit myself.

I did decide to run for Congress in 2016, but that’ll be fun.  I’ll switch parties and become a Reagan Democrat.  I’ll file as soon as I can.  I missed the filing deadline by 10 days this year.  Damn!  I’m doing this for my Tea Party Congressman, Tom McClintock, who I like a lot.  We have a jungle primary, so the way they’re trying to take Tom out is with a moderate Republican in the primary.  No Democrat has filed, so the moderate R starts off with a base of the considerable minority of Democrats.  They did it to me ’86, and I barely won.  If Tom wins, I’ll make sure they can’t pull this on him in 2016 by giving the D’s a name to vote for in their primary.  A lot of D’s go in there knowing nothing, and will automatically vote for me.  Maybe I could go to debates, either against a D or Tom.  What a hoot.

I’ve always wanted to run for Congress.