The Beginning of the Storm

That’s the best name I’ve come up with for November.  Word out of dysfunctional, Democratic Illinois is that the R’s primary today will produce nominee Rauner for Gov., and he may well win.  The Senate playing field continues to expand.  Michigan looks good, and so, suddenly, do Virginia, New Hampshire and Colorado.  Minnesota and Oregon are now worth talking about.  Red and purple expand, red contracts.  I read dozens of stories about the coming blow out.

My problem is I get too jacked up.  But I’ve spent the last five months working Article V, all in the hope and expectation that this wave hits and hits big.  What do you call a series of waves?  A storm.  This is going to last into 2016 and beyond, I reckon.  I, as a member of the Republican political class, am playing my part.  I did it with Reagan, and this time I’m operating at a higher level.  Because I know what I’m doing, I believe my part will get bigger. 

It’s true that I don’t have the energy I once had, and pretty much shut it down at five.  But my current involvement is such that I do pretty much only what I feel like doing.  I’ve made two commitments: to get the pledge letter out and to travel to Capitols next January.  The latter is a sacrifice, but the cause is worth it.  Everything I’ve read, learned, and experienced in 50 years of political involvement has made me an asset, and one that is being used.  I just can’t overcommit myself.

I did decide to run for Congress in 2016, but that’ll be fun.  I’ll switch parties and become a Reagan Democrat.  I’ll file as soon as I can.  I missed the filing deadline by 10 days this year.  Damn!  I’m doing this for my Tea Party Congressman, Tom McClintock, who I like a lot.  We have a jungle primary, so the way they’re trying to take Tom out is with a moderate Republican in the primary.  No Democrat has filed, so the moderate R starts off with a base of the considerable minority of Democrats.  They did it to me ’86, and I barely won.  If Tom wins, I’ll make sure they can’t pull this on him in 2016 by giving the D’s a name to vote for in their primary.  A lot of D’s go in there knowing nothing, and will automatically vote for me.  Maybe I could go to debates, either against a D or Tom.  What a hoot.

I’ve always wanted to run for Congress.

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