That’s me, a Balanced Budget Democrat.  Changed my registration online this morning.  The Task Force is now bipartisan.  Since I didn’t think of this until after the March 7 filing deadline, I can’t be of much help to my Congressman, Tom McClintock, this year.  His only opponent is a Republican who is relying on Democrat votes to beat him.  What I will do is write a letter to the editor asking my fellow BBD’s to support him.  Being a fellow Democrat, they might listen to me.

I emailed the announcement of my candidacy to about 30 people this morning.  The response has been pretty good, though Kirk Uhler accused me of drinking.  I feel as though I have the nucleus of a winning team.

Jim Rockett suggested, for a bumper sticker                      PETTYJOHN for CONGRESS                                                               

                                                                                               Balanced Budget Democrat

I like that.  I’ve got to get bumper stickers.  When I do run, in 2016, it’s actually quite likely no Democrat will oppose me for the nomination.  It’s that kind of district.  So me and Tom will be going at it, head to head.  I hope there’s a lot of debates.  I looked up Tom on Wikipedia, and he’s only 57.  I thought he was older.  He’s still young enough to run statewide, which he’s done three times and lost.  Never raised enough money.  I look forward to getting to know the guy. 

I’ll bet we’re pals.


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