Pay Back

AZ Senate Pres. Biggs has killed our bill.  We can’t take him out — he’s not up this year.  What we will do is try to kick him out of the chair in the AZ Senate Caucus after November.  We need AZ intel on Senate candidates.  They’ll probably organize right after the election; we’ve got to be ready with an alternative candidate.

In Utah, in addition to protecting our votes from retaliation, we need to take out at least one of our Republican opponents.  We’ll get a group going, Utah for a Balanced Budget, and call every Republican supervoter in a target’s district.  We’ll tell them about his vote against the BBA, and ask them to turn up at the nominating caucus to toss his ass.  We can do this.  All it takes is manpower and organization.  I can do the organization, IAmAmerican can provide the manpower.  All we need is intel from Reps. Powell and Ivory, and a candidate.  Doable.

Our Wisconsin problem should be solved in November.  The Big Storm should add a couple Republican Senators.  I’ll bet we get Gov. Walker pushing it, as well.

We know what we need to do in ID, UT, SD, ND, WY and MT.  We just need to execute.  We also need to make sure we’re on board with the leadership in each House and Senate.  Intel needed.  ID and UT are fine, but we need to make sure we don’t get Biggsed.

I’m getting all jacked up about running for Congress as a Balanced Budget Democrat.  I will be the candidate of the white working class.  I’ll run against Wall Street, foreign wars, affirmative action, job-killing environmentalism, illegal immigration, and public sector unions.  I’m for the working man, not the businessman.  I’ve got a great message.

Will I be heard?

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