Money money money

I’ve become a fundraiser.  With half a million or so we can do this next year.  No money, no can do.  I’ll try for Cbiz money through my son Darren’s Bozeman boss, Granite Construction $ through Peyton’s acting stepfather Jay McQuillan, Altria (Phillip Morris) $ through a lobbyist friend of my old legislative assistant, Frank Bickford.  Former Califonia Assembly Minority Bob Naylor is now a Sacto lobbyist.  We’re YR friends from college, and I’ll try to sign him up for the cause at lunch in 10 days or so.  Likewise with Sacto lobbyist Laurie Hamson, a friend of Robin Taylor’s.  I want 25 to 50 big ones from each of them.  Once I make a sale I’ll generate leads at the same time. 

I’m selling Article V.  It’s a great product, that I know like the back of my hand —  better than anyone, as a matter of fact.  The timing for the sale is absolutely ideal.  And getting better.  My problem is making contact with my customers.  If I get my foot in the door I will make sales.

Either that or I’m just an old man peddling bullshit.

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