That’s Dave Biddulph”s name for the organizations pushing Article V.  The Task Force, CoS, The State Government Leadership Foundation, NFIB, and maybe others are supposed to have a cc today to talk about our problem with Sen. Pres. Biggs in AZ.  I think Constantin Querard is the ticket to Biggs.  We’ll see what happens.  I will also be suggesting that ND, WY and MT are the prime ficus of effort, both this year and next.  We need them all, and we only get one shot — 2015.

I’m om a three week tour of the south with my wife; spent the last four days in Savannah.  Great place.  The other night we were on a park bench overlooking the Savannah River when Keith and Tracy asked to join us — they needed to get off their feet.  Keith mentioned he was in the peanut business, that he “biled” them.  We didn’t understand how you “biled” peanuts.  He spelled it out — he boils them for two and a half days, 75 pounds at a time, with seven pounds of salt, and sells them at a roadside stand in Macon.  He can make $300 a day, cash money. 

We talked with them for over an hour.  Nice people, though a tad heavy.  Keith weighs in at 245, while Tracy was 260.  They weren’t proud of their weight, and were on a strict diet.  Tracy has lost 60 pounds, and Keith almost as much. 

Keith is a big second amendment man, so we got along just fine.

I like the South.


So when I send the pledge letter in Montana I get Dean Folkvold to co-sign it as Chairman of Montana for a Balanced Budget, a PAC I’ll form for him.  Being as how everybody in the state knows Dean, and he’s such a cool dude, this should help.

I need to find guys like Dean in the other states which will get pledge letters:UT, SD, ND, OK, AZ and WY.  Oregon, Washington and Minnesota may get one too.

Raising Arizona

I thought it was dead, because of Senate Pres. Andy Biggs.  Today Micah, of SGLP, after speaking with the AZ Speaker, says if we can get 70 year old freshman Senator Judy Burges to “concur’ we can still get Arizona.  We’ve got about two weeks left in the session.  Somehow, some way, we’ve got to get to her.  That campaign begins today.

Dave led today’s cc.  Scott, our executive director, has chest pains.  This is not good.  We need Scott.  Losing him would be a major setback.

I’ve got a plan for next year in North Dakota, Wyoming and Montana.  This would work in ID (Crapo), OK (Coburn), UT (Lee), SD (Thune), KY (Paul), WS (Johnson), and SC (Scott) as well.  Take Wyoming.  Right after New Years 2015 Sen. Barasso cuts a 60 second radio spot asking listeners to support an Article V BBA in the upcoming session of the Wyoming legislature.  It airs on talk radio in Wyoming for 10 days or so leading up to the session.  Air time on Wyoming radio is dirt cheap.  Barasso is the heavyweight in the Wyoming Republican delegation.The local talk show hosts would pick up on it, probably climb aboard.  I could maybe get on to push it.  I very much doubt this has been done in Wyoming.

This is so cheap, and could be so effective, that it just has to happen.


Going Hollywood

Loren Enns of IamAmerican has been talking to some guy in the Bay Area about doing a documentary on the Task Force.  I think it’s a great idea (surprise!).  In fact, if we did succeed at this, it would even be “historical”.  I’m supposed to be on a conference call with Loren and this guy next week.

I don ‘t know what he’s got in mind, but you could do a reality show of sorts, though that’s a stretch.  No action, except during a legislative session, with floor votes and all.   But naturally I’m all jacked up.  There would be good guys and bad guys, the latter being the crazy Birchers and Schlafleyites.  Tension, and drama, on floor votes, especially as we get closer to 34.  Interviews with big shots like Kasich, Paul and Coburn.  Some inside politics stuff.  Educational, in a way.  There might even be a way for the Task Force to get some money out oft the deal.

Could be a kick in the butt.


Help ($) Will Come

But when?  I think 2014 closes out with LA and SC giving us 25.  Nine to go.  If we’re smart we pour everything we’ve got into getting MT, WY, and ND in 2015.  We wouldn’t get another shot at those three until 2017 — too long to wait.  If we succeed in those three states, plus Wisconsin and Kentucky, we’re at 30 — just four to go.  At that point, let’s say in May of 2015, the Presidential campaign is underway.  Almost every R will wholeheartedly embrace our cause, even try to make it their own.  Rand Paul has gotten us Kentucky.  Scott Walker has gotten us Wisconsin.  Sen. Coburn should get us Oklahoma.  Three to go.  With Sens. Hatch and Lee, and enough leg work, we can get Utah.  Two to go.  With money and high octane help from  GOP bigs, we will be able to get Idaho, Arizona, South Dakota, and if necessary one or two of the states that will be flipping to R in 2014 (OR, WA, ME, and MN).

It gets down to getting close enough, soon enough.  31 is close enough.  2015 is soon enough.