Help ($) Will Come

But when?  I think 2014 closes out with LA and SC giving us 25.  Nine to go.  If we’re smart we pour everything we’ve got into getting MT, WY, and ND in 2015.  We wouldn’t get another shot at those three until 2017 — too long to wait.  If we succeed in those three states, plus Wisconsin and Kentucky, we’re at 30 — just four to go.  At that point, let’s say in May of 2015, the Presidential campaign is underway.  Almost every R will wholeheartedly embrace our cause, even try to make it their own.  Rand Paul has gotten us Kentucky.  Scott Walker has gotten us Wisconsin.  Sen. Coburn should get us Oklahoma.  Three to go.  With Sens. Hatch and Lee, and enough leg work, we can get Utah.  Two to go.  With money and high octane help from  GOP bigs, we will be able to get Idaho, Arizona, South Dakota, and if necessary one or two of the states that will be flipping to R in 2014 (OR, WA, ME, and MN).

It gets down to getting close enough, soon enough.  31 is close enough.  2015 is soon enough.


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