Going Hollywood

Loren Enns of IamAmerican has been talking to some guy in the Bay Area about doing a documentary on the Task Force.  I think it’s a great idea (surprise!).  In fact, if we did succeed at this, it would even be “historical”.  I’m supposed to be on a conference call with Loren and this guy next week.

I don ‘t know what he’s got in mind, but you could do a reality show of sorts, though that’s a stretch.  No action, except during a legislative session, with floor votes and all.   But naturally I’m all jacked up.  There would be good guys and bad guys, the latter being the crazy Birchers and Schlafleyites.  Tension, and drama, on floor votes, especially as we get closer to 34.  Interviews with big shots like Kasich, Paul and Coburn.  Some inside politics stuff.  Educational, in a way.  There might even be a way for the Task Force to get some money out oft the deal.

Could be a kick in the butt.


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