Raising Arizona

I thought it was dead, because of Senate Pres. Andy Biggs.  Today Micah, of SGLP, after speaking with the AZ Speaker, says if we can get 70 year old freshman Senator Judy Burges to “concur’ we can still get Arizona.  We’ve got about two weeks left in the session.  Somehow, some way, we’ve got to get to her.  That campaign begins today.

Dave led today’s cc.  Scott, our executive director, has chest pains.  This is not good.  We need Scott.  Losing him would be a major setback.

I’ve got a plan for next year in North Dakota, Wyoming and Montana.  This would work in ID (Crapo), OK (Coburn), UT (Lee), SD (Thune), KY (Paul), WS (Johnson), and SC (Scott) as well.  Take Wyoming.  Right after New Years 2015 Sen. Barasso cuts a 60 second radio spot asking listeners to support an Article V BBA in the upcoming session of the Wyoming legislature.  It airs on talk radio in Wyoming for 10 days or so leading up to the session.  Air time on Wyoming radio is dirt cheap.  Barasso is the heavyweight in the Wyoming Republican delegation.The local talk show hosts would pick up on it, probably climb aboard.  I could maybe get on to push it.  I very much doubt this has been done in Wyoming.

This is so cheap, and could be so effective, that it just has to happen.


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