That’s Dave Biddulph”s name for the organizations pushing Article V.  The Task Force, CoS, The State Government Leadership Foundation, NFIB, and maybe others are supposed to have a cc today to talk about our problem with Sen. Pres. Biggs in AZ.  I think Constantin Querard is the ticket to Biggs.  We’ll see what happens.  I will also be suggesting that ND, WY and MT are the prime ficus of effort, both this year and next.  We need them all, and we only get one shot — 2015.

I’m om a three week tour of the south with my wife; spent the last four days in Savannah.  Great place.  The other night we were on a park bench overlooking the Savannah River when Keith and Tracy asked to join us — they needed to get off their feet.  Keith mentioned he was in the peanut business, that he “biled” them.  We didn’t understand how you “biled” peanuts.  He spelled it out — he boils them for two and a half days, 75 pounds at a time, with seven pounds of salt, and sells them at a roadside stand in Macon.  He can make $300 a day, cash money. 

We talked with them for over an hour.  Nice people, though a tad heavy.  Keith weighs in at 245, while Tracy was 260.  They weren’t proud of their weight, and were on a strict diet.  Tracy has lost 60 pounds, and Keith almost as much. 

Keith is a big second amendment man, so we got along just fine.

I like the South.

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