Paul for President

He’s the man, for me.  Just because it was the right thing to do, he went before the Kentucky state senate to promote an Article V BBA.  Kasich’s with us, but I think he’s a squishy conservative.  Pence is great on Article V — but he’s pretty low profile at this point.  He’s my second choice.  Jindal is with us, but he pissed off a bunch of conservatives in the Louisiana legislature, so his political skill is questionable, and I can’t quite see him catching fire.  Rubio blew it on immigration.  Cruz is a blowhard who won’t step up on Article V.  He’s way too fond of himself, and it shows.  No hint of humility.  Christie and Bush are, of course, completely unacceptable.  Walker is a terrible communicator, who has refused, thusfar, to come out for Article V.

So it’s Paul, and not just because of Article V.  I think he’s fine on Israel, but doesn’t want the US sticking its nose in everybody’s business around the world.  I like that.  He’s a libertarian — so am I. 

Is he up to the job?  Hard to say.  I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on that.

So at some point I’ll volunteer for his campaign, do a little work here in Cali.  I might even try to be one of his delegates to the Convention.  I went to San Diego in ’96 as an alternate, and found the whole thing a waste of time.  But I didn’t put any effort into meeting people.  I’m a different guy now — on a mission.   Even if we’ve succeeded on the BBA, I’m going to try to get involved with an Article V term limit movement.  I just heard today about a lawyer in Georgia who is starting to push it, and I’m going to encourage him.

Hell, I’m the Father of the Article V Term Limit Movement.  I wrote and introduced the bill in Alaska in 1989 — 25 years ago. 

A man before his time.


A Republican cave on immigration is the only thing on the horizon capable of killing the wave of 2014.  The argument for caving is pathetically stupid.  The Republicans need Hispanics to win, so we give them what they want.


A lot of American Hispanics (the only ones we should care about) don’t want more illegals — they’ve shown it at the polls, in Arizona.  A lot of American Hispanics, increasingly, identify themselves as white.  And there are enough whites in this country to win elections for a long, long time.  Look at Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Georgia — all solid red states with huge numbers of blacks.  Why?  Because down there the Democrats are seen as the party of blacks — so where’s a white got to go?  This meme is moving north, into Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia.  It will keep spreading, as long as the Democrats seem committed to driving working and lower middle class whites out of their party.  Affirmative action, in all its manifestations, is a core value of Democrats, and they practically shove it down lower class whites’ throats.  They don’t really like these people, clinging to their guns and Bibles.  There are enough of them to win a lot of elections for a long time.

This is so effin’ obvious, the reason nobody talks about it is …………………….



They’ve got the $, but we’ve heard they have some misguided naifs who fear a runaway.  DC attorney Mike Stern and others made a run at them, and says we’ve got a shot, but need to get to head honcho Demint.  In Charleston I heard that the I am American crew has gotten a commitment from retiring Sen. Coburn to do a function in Oklahoma.  If true, this means we can use him to make a run at Demint.  A ten second Coburn-Demint google revealed that the two of them worked hand in glove on eliminating earmarks when Demint was still in the Senate.  They were tight, and Demint would listen to Coburn.  Stern will try to talk to some of Coburn’s staff about all this.  If Coburn is doing an event for us, I’m tempted to fly to Oklahoma just for a chance to make a personal pitch to him.  I doubt very much he has any clue about the Task Force or where we’re at.

Supposedly the Republican State Leadership Foundation has $20 million to spend on state legislative races.  The way it looks, to me, is that we need to pick up Kentucky and at least one other state — Maine, Washington, Oregon, or, least likely, West Virginia.  We need to do all we can to get those guys to concentrate on those targets.  They claim an Article V BBA is their top concern, so they should listen.  I feel real good about Kentucky, where we already have the Senate, and need only 5 pickups in a 99 seat House.  Rand Paul wants to run simultaneously for reelection to the Senate and for the Presidency in  2016, and he needs the KY legislature to pass a law to let him do it.  So he’s working on it.  If we can’t pick up KY and at least one other state, my whole theory of a 2014 wave goes up in smoke, and I’m n ot sure we pull this off.

Herman Cain turned out to be a pretty good guy.  I got a chance to make the pitch to him about the political implications for 2016 of a successful Article V effort.  He says he’s totally on board, and claims to have 5 million listeners to his talk show, which he will use to spread the word.  I hear he’s pretty big in North Carolina, which just went into session.  Last year the House passed a bill rescinding all previous Article V resolutions.  We don’t think we’ll have too much trouble killing it in the Senate, but will ask Herman to rile up his NC audience if need be.  Our first step is to sick the NFIB guy in NC on the case, and see what he says.

When he was running for President in 1979 CA Gov. Jerry Brown endorsed an Article V BBA.  What this means I haven’t figured out — probably nothing.  But it would be interesting to get a reporter to ask him about it now.

The right is resurgent around the English-speaking world.  Australia, Canada, and now — most exciting of all– INDIA!  Even sclerotic Olde England is showing signs of life, with the rise of UKIP.  If this is a trend, then —————

we get the wave.

24 down, 10 to go

Pledge letters out to OK, SD, ND and MT.

Met John and Robin Steinberger in Charleston.  He’s the county GOP chair, and pretty hard core.  Cruz spent an hour with them recently, making his pitch.  They were surprised when I told them Cruz has not endorsed Article V.  I told them about Rand Paul testifying before the Kentucky Senate for our Article V BBA.  I think Cruz is going to lose support in places like South Carolina (#3, after Iowa and NH)  if he won’t endorse us, which means he will, and soon.  I want all GOP presidential contenders to endorse us.  I want this to be part of the GOP platform.

Son Darren in Bozeman is seeing if he can get a few local businessmen to meet me in a few weeks, try and get a little organization going in Montana. 

Herman Cain has jumped aboard, big time.  I’m going to try and get on his radio show.  He claims he’s got 5 million listeners, which is a stretch.

Lots of talk about $, no action.  The worst case scenario, we only get MT, WY, ND, WI, SC and KY 2015.  We can do that with little or no money.  That gets us to 30.  At that point, with the presidential campaign well under way, the Turd Blossom* and his buddies will have to realize the positive political implications of a successful Article V BBA, and we’ll get our dough, and the states we need in 2016.

*W’s name for Karl Rove