24 down, 10 to go

Pledge letters out to OK, SD, ND and MT.

Met John and Robin Steinberger in Charleston.  He’s the county GOP chair, and pretty hard core.  Cruz spent an hour with them recently, making his pitch.  They were surprised when I told them Cruz has not endorsed Article V.  I told them about Rand Paul testifying before the Kentucky Senate for our Article V BBA.  I think Cruz is going to lose support in places like South Carolina (#3, after Iowa and NH)  if he won’t endorse us, which means he will, and soon.  I want all GOP presidential contenders to endorse us.  I want this to be part of the GOP platform.

Son Darren in Bozeman is seeing if he can get a few local businessmen to meet me in a few weeks, try and get a little organization going in Montana. 

Herman Cain has jumped aboard, big time.  I’m going to try and get on his radio show.  He claims he’s got 5 million listeners, which is a stretch.

Lots of talk about $, no action.  The worst case scenario, we only get MT, WY, ND, WI, SC and KY 2015.  We can do that with little or no money.  That gets us to 30.  At that point, with the presidential campaign well under way, the Turd Blossom* and his buddies will have to realize the positive political implications of a successful Article V BBA, and we’ll get our dough, and the states we need in 2016.

*W’s name for Karl Rove



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