Paul for President

He’s the man, for me.  Just because it was the right thing to do, he went before the Kentucky state senate to promote an Article V BBA.  Kasich’s with us, but I think he’s a squishy conservative.  Pence is great on Article V — but he’s pretty low profile at this point.  He’s my second choice.  Jindal is with us, but he pissed off a bunch of conservatives in the Louisiana legislature, so his political skill is questionable, and I can’t quite see him catching fire.  Rubio blew it on immigration.  Cruz is a blowhard who won’t step up on Article V.  He’s way too fond of himself, and it shows.  No hint of humility.  Christie and Bush are, of course, completely unacceptable.  Walker is a terrible communicator, who has refused, thusfar, to come out for Article V.

So it’s Paul, and not just because of Article V.  I think he’s fine on Israel, but doesn’t want the US sticking its nose in everybody’s business around the world.  I like that.  He’s a libertarian — so am I. 

Is he up to the job?  Hard to say.  I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on that.

So at some point I’ll volunteer for his campaign, do a little work here in Cali.  I might even try to be one of his delegates to the Convention.  I went to San Diego in ’96 as an alternate, and found the whole thing a waste of time.  But I didn’t put any effort into meeting people.  I’m a different guy now — on a mission.   Even if we’ve succeeded on the BBA, I’m going to try to get involved with an Article V term limit movement.  I just heard today about a lawyer in Georgia who is starting to push it, and I’m going to encourage him.

Hell, I’m the Father of the Article V Term Limit Movement.  I wrote and introduced the bill in Alaska in 1989 — 25 years ago. 

A man before his time.

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