I’ll be there for the ALEC meeting, July 30 to August 1.  There should be around 700 conservative state legislators there from every state.  It looks like I’ll be the only Task Force Co-founder there.  Dave Biddulph tells me they’re talking to the Peterson Foundation guy (the son of $ man, Pete Peterson) about arranging for one of the luncheon speakers to be a big time retired Admiral who will tell everyone our national debt and deficits are the number one threat to the security of the United States.  His speech is supposed to be very effective.  Then the Chairwoman of ALEC, Iowa House Majority Leader Linda Upmeyer will get up and tell everyone the only feasible solution to these problems is the use of Article V to get a BBA.  I think she will tell everyone to get behind the effort of the Task Force.  She may call me out.  Hopefully this will convince some attendees to talk to me about getting a Resolution through in their state.

I’m only interested in talking to legislators from 15 target states:  WI, SC, KY, MT, WY, ND, VA, AZ, UT, SD, OK, ID, ME, WA and OR.  If someone is from some other state, even a blue one like California, I’ll ask them to go to termlimitconvention.org, and sign on.  An Article V term limit movement could be truly bipartisan, which would be very cool. 

I’m thinking of having our Executive Director, Scott Rogers, send an invitation to anyone who might be in Dallas, even if remotely possible.  I’ll lay out where we stand, and the political implications if we succeed, and invite them all to discuss this with me in the bar of the fancy hotel where the conference is being held.  I’ll also invite everyone to breakfast at the hotel dining room.  This is what Dave did (the breakfast part) at the ALEC meet in December.

I’ll try to talk to the media which will be there.  I don’t know if a press release would work or not.  Maybe.

Dallas could be a lot of fun.

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