Bulworth lite

That seems to be Obama’s attitude.  F’em.  He doesn’t really seem to care about it any more.  Very liberating for him, I’m sure, but bad — real bad — for his party.  Iraq is imploding, the whole middle east is in shambles, Marines are off Libya in case they’re needed to help in an evacuation, embassy personnel in Baghdad are being withdrawn — so what’s Obama doing?  Having a weekend of golf in Palm Springs, interrupted only by a speech on climate change.  Care about it.  By siding with the environmentalists on Keystone and carbon emissions he’s killing the Democrats in Kentucky, a coal state, in particular.  Forget about the D’s taking out Mitch McConnell.  More important to me is Democratic Speaker of the Kentucky House, Greg Stumbo.  He’s my number one target.  I’m counting on a Republican House in Kentucky, and I’ve got to believe if you’re a Democrat in Kentucky you’re in trouble.  Stay on cruise control, Obama, don’t worry about a thing. 

I know the election is four and half months away, and that I have a tendency to get too optimistic, but my God it looks more and more like a Republican wave to me.  A big, significant wave, like ’94 or ’46.  A big enough wave to give us Kentucky, and maybe big enough for Maine, Washington and Oregon.  Big enough to win Senate seats in  Iowa, Colorado, even Oregon — maybe even Minnesota.  The economy’s not going anywhere, Islamic terrorism is on a roll around the world, Obamacare is an ongoing fiasco, we’re drowning in debt, scandals at NSA, IRS, VA and Benghazi aren’t going away, and people generally have had it with the President.  It’s a perfect storm.

Of course, according to the media, there’s a civil war between the Tea Party and establishment Republicans that’s going to help the D’s.  What a crock.  This civil war has been going on since Taft and Eisenhower in ’52.  Ever heard of the Goldwater – Rockefeller fight in ’64?  Remember Reagan v. Ford in ’76?  In ’80 this same  “establishment” (meaning Wall Street and the Fortune 500) was trying to deny Reagan the Republican nomination.  John Connally  was their man, and he spent millions of their money to win One (1) delegate.  It’s the country club versus Joe’s Bar and Grill, always has been and is today.  They’ve got the money, we’ve got the folks. 

Sometimes I get so jacked up I have to have a beer.

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