Great news about the ALEC meeting at the end of July.  The BBA Task Force will be on the program twice, at a Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon panel.  We should have a good portion, if not a majority, of the 700 hundred or so state legislators in attendance listening to the pitch.  This is in addition to having the Thursday luncheon speaker, a retired Navy Admiral, giving an address on the national debt being the number one security threat to this country, and, hopefully, the outgoing ALEC Chair following up by making an  appeal on behalf of the Task Force. 

I think all this is happening because the Peterson Foundation, on our behalf, cut ALEC a check for $25,000 or so.  Money talks — and we don’t have any. 

There are a whole lot of people I hope to get a chance to talk to in Dallas.  I hope Karl Rove is there.  If I could have a serious talk with him for 15 minutes I think I could get us some of the money he controls.  Since the Peterson people are putting up the money, they’ll probably be there.  There’s a Republican group that has $25 million to spend on down ballot state races.  Plus all the state legislators.

I’m not sure who will represent the Task Force on these two panels.  I hope it’s me.  As a former state legislator, I think I could give a better pitch than anyone else.  Dave Biddulph and Bill Fruth are the two real co-founders of the Task Force, and they’ve sunk a lot of their own money into it.  So they have first dibs.  Neither had planned to go to Dallas, but this opportunity may cause them to change their mind.

November’s only a little more than four months away, and for the life of me I can’t see how it can be anything but a tsunami.  We’ve got everything going for us.  I snapped out of my year-long funk back in October, when I became convinced Obamacare would kill the Democratic Party.  If we don’t win the Senate, and pick up at least one state legislature, I will have been proven wrong.  It’s happened before, but this time, I swear, we’re going to put them down.

This country has been moving left for 100 years.  Could 2014 herald an historic ideological and political reversal?

One can dream.

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