Big D

Since we managed to get Herman Cain a Friday luncheon speech at ALEC, now everybody’s going to attend, 10 in all from the Task Force. There will be some sort of reception Thursday night with Cain.
The ALEC people, particularly Mike Bowman, are doing all they can for us, and this meeting in Dallas could give us major momentum as we head into 2015. We will have representatives on two panels (not me), plus a booth — which I’ll help man. Everybody’s jacked up about it, and there seems to be a little money available. My hunch is that Dave Biddulph and his wife had a little heart-to-heart about their finances and he convinced her to put more in.
The California Assembly has passed an Article V Reso calling for an Amendment Convention to overturn Citizens United. This means they know Article V can limit the scope of the call. Which means they might be open to a Term Limits Amendment. Aaron Cook of sent me a couple hundred of his new business cards, which I will pass out in Dallas to legislators from the 34 states we’re not targeting on the BBA. It will be extremely interesting to see what kind of reaction I get to the idea of doing Congressional term limits through Article V. I was on an ALEC panel in Orlando 28 years ago, trying to make the same pitch. I got a polite reception, but no takers.
North Dakota looks like a piece of cake, just like Louisiana. Montana and Wyoming will be my focus next year, along with Utah.
Since I’m not counting on getting to 34 until 2016, I’ve got to develop a trait I’m weak on.

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