The Manchurian

Sometimes I think Obama is a Republican plant. He’s burying the Democratic party for a decade.
And he doesn’t seem to care.
Ukranian-Russian separatists shot down 300 civilians, and 25 Americans, and what does he do? He stops by for a photo op at a burger joint in Wilmington Delaware.
He’s amazing. Actually, no, it’s amazing he gets away with it.
Because he’s black, the press is incapable of criticizing him. They just can’t bring themselves to do it.
And the 2016 D nominee won’t be able to criticize him either, even if they wanted to. The black base won’t let them.
Since he’s given up on being President I don’t see how he recovers politically in the next two years.
Lame duck or dead duck, it doesn’t matter — he, personally, is a millstone around the neck of the Democratic Party. They’re stuck with him. He’s not going away, not for a long time. He’s young, healthy, and will want to be in the political spotlight for the rest of his life.
Live long, Barry.
More wind pushing the wave.

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