Foreign waves

As I obsess over the size of the Republican resurgence (or, more precisely, the Obama rejection) which will come on Nov. 4, I worry about events which could dampen it. Back in ’95, fresh off the 1994 Republican wave that gave us a House Majority, we were sailing along — and then came McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing. It was used by the media to discredit all criticism of the Federal Leviathan, and our sails went limp.
Obama’s decision to go after the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria worried me at first. It could be a game changing event. Americans are pissed at these guys, and want them punished. If Obama managed to blow a bunch of these bastards up before November it would give his party a boost.
But the more you think about it, the less likely it is that Obama will take bold action, and be given credit for it. He’s clearly being reactive, and bowing to political pressure. His heart’s not in it, and his head is too empty to do it even if he wanted to.
I’ll make a personal admission — I think Obama’s right. Aside from securing Israel, we have no business in the Middle East. We’ve fracked our way out of dependence on it, and the only people who deserve support are the Kurds, who I do want to help. The rest of them should be encouraged to kill each other to their heart’s content.
Islam is a religion of war. Raping ten year old girls is OK — you just “marry” them first, as the Prophet himself did. These people are fanatics, who have nothing to contribute to the 21st century. I say get the hell out, and let God sort them out.
But, politically, that’s hard to do. So Obama has embraced a tar baby, it seems to me. And given his incompetence, and that of his inner circle, it’s almost guaranteed this whole thing will be a huge mess all the way to November and beyond. The only thing he’s got in his favor is the press, which will go overboard to defend whatever he does. But it won’t be enough.
So the wave has even more wind headed to its back. We could pick up ten seats in the Senate. And in addition to the Kentucky House, we could get Maine, or Oregon, along with strengthened majorities in places like Montana and Arizona.
In Arizona, that could mean additional State Senators, maybe enough to oust Andy Biggs from the Senate Presidency. Monday’s meeting with him went as I knew it would. He basically told us to fuck off. We’ll either get rid of Biggs, or go around him. If the latter, we may wait until we’ve got 33, then make our move.
Rep. Ken Ivory says he thinks we’ll get Utah next year. That’s a change in his tune. Though he’s a big supporter, he wasn’t even willing to try earlier this year. Rep. Kraig Powell stepped up, and we dang near won. I want Utah — it’s one of my four states, so I’ll be flying back to lobby and testify.
Signs are also very good in South Dakota. Hal Wick is feeling pretty good about 2015. We made a somewhat half-hearted effort this year, and still came within one vote.
With a substantial R majority (thank you, wave) we should get Montana. Hell, they got it in 2007 and 2011, so we can sure as hell get it again.
So my goal of having 31 by the end of 2015 looks doable. 24 plus WS, SC, KY, ND, SD, MT, WY and UT would be 32. Then we win big in the 2015 Virginia state legislative elections, and get it along with Idaho, Oklahoma, Arizona and West Virginia — that’s 37, giving us a margin for error.
Lord willing.

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