Secure the border

That should be one of the main messages for every Republican running for office.
It’s a three – fer.
Illegal immigration.
Islamic terrorism.
Exotic diseases – like ebola.
Securing the border protects us from all three.
It’s a Republican issue that, I bet, 80% of the American people agree with.

So how do we get 38 states to ratify the BBA?
A) Congress lets state legislatures do it (Article V specifically gives Congress the authority to decide which ratification procedure will be followed). But more than 12, as many as 20-23, will be controlled by Democrats. CA, NY, MA, MD, Il, RI, VT, CT, DE are 9 sure no’s. Four more and it’s blocked. Dicey. But in states like WA, OR, MN and others R’s do better in the state legislature than they do statewide. D’s are concentrated in urban areas, where they win overwhelmingly. R’s are spread out in the rest of the state, and win by smaller margins.
B) Congress says each state must have a special ratification convention. This was done with the repeal of prohibition. This is probably the way to go. We lose the advantage we have in the urban/non-urban divide, but the delegates to the convention will have only one question to answer when they seek votes __ ratify or not ratify. Every poll I’ve ever seen says 65% of the people want a BBA. So I say we go for convention ratification.

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