Brent Mead of the resurrected Montana Policy Institute told me this morning that the best thing Montanans for a Balanced Budget could do right now is help State Senate candidate Jedediah Hinkle in District 32 — East Bozeman. He’s running against Rep.Franke Wilmer, who chairs the Poly Sci dept. at MSU.
At first glance, she looks pretty smooth, and Jed looks a little rough.
Brent says it’s tight, and I believe him. In a tight race in East Bozeman in 2014 a little can go a long way.
This could be fun — a State Senate race in a district that’s a bit like the one I won in 1982.
Brent’s a savvy guy, and I feel 1,000 % better about Montana after our long talk. He says they passed our Reso in 2011, but it was flawed. And the Birchers shouldn’t be a problem. He just started bringing the Institute back to life, and I think he sees working successfully with us as a feather in its hat. He works closely with Sen. Wittich, who is a former sponsor and the foremost expert on Article V in the Montana legislature.
Brett says me may want to a stealth campaign — we’ll have to see how the election turns out.
He made a good impression. I feel like I’ve got eyes and ears in Montana. If we can help elect Hinkle, we’ll have friends as well.

Eli Bebout

I love that name. He chairs Senate Appropriations in Wyoming, is a former Speaker and Republican nominee for governor. If we get him to take the lead we’re half way home in the Land of the Cowboy. Lew Uhler is trying to get Dick Cheney to help convince him. Maybe Micah at SGLF could help.
Amy Edmonds of the Wyoming Liberty Group (WLG) told me about him. It’s wishful thinking, but T think we can get WLG and old Eli pushing it — and we’ll get ‘er done.