Who’s the man?

Way back in 2012 I thought it was pretty easy to figure out that Romney would win the nomination —  all his competitors had disabling flaws.

Gingrich was crazy, and it was just a matter of time before that was obvious.

Perry wasn’t ready for prime time.

Santorum was a political loser.  You don’t lose reelection to the Senate in a landslide, and then turn around and get elected President.

Cain was a loose cannon — with no experience in office.  In this country, only Generals get a pass on that.

Huntsman was a lib — fuggedaboutit.

Pawlenty was weak.

Bachman was not a stable person.

But in 2014 the field is not so flawed. I like Paul, Jindal, Pence and Kasich — all fully behind the Article V BBA, and all electable.
Cruz, Perry, Walker — they could all win. Bush and Christie will never get nominated — too far left.

The winner will be the one who — What? No one knows. As much as anything I think it will be their public persona, their attitude, just the way they carry themselves. We want a strong, smart, dedicated conservative, but we don’t like anyone who comes on too strong, or too smart, or too dedicated, or too conservative.

Somebody like Reagan.

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