A Liberian died from Ebola in Dallas, two nurses were infected, and on cable news it’s all ebola all the time.  When cable news gets hold of a story it won ‘t let go, so this will probably continue for the 17 days until the election.  Because Obama refuses to isolate the West African countries where it comes from, he’s hurting the Democrat brand.  I think he doesn’t want to stigmatize Africans because of his solidarity with them — it’s racial.  And it’s bullshit, and people know it.  He’ll cave  — he has to — but in the meantime he’s hurting himself and his party.

More wind to build the wave.  The way this wind is blowing we should pick up not only Kentucky, but Maine or Washington as well.  Maybe even Oregon.  This will not only expand the playing field, it should help convince the money boys that Article V is real.  You have to do a sophisticated, and optimistic, analysis to conclude we can get Article V with the playing field we’ve got.  Add two or three more states and more people will believe.

This election features the Democrat strategy of 2012 — don’t run on your record, or your platform.  The issue is the opponent, the Republican.  Obama won because he demonized Romney even before the Republican Convention, and a lot of upper Midwest working class whites did not vote.  And his turnout operation was groundbreaking.

I turned my back on politics, and gave up on this country, after 2012.  A year ago, when I realized the full scope of the Obamacare fiasco, I figured we had another shot.  This election is it.  If we don’t get a big wave, with all the advantages we have, I’ll be tempted to give up again.

A guy back east named John Aglialoro claims he’s willing to drop a hundred million on something like Article V.  Lew Uhler talked to him, and thinks he hasn’t really thought it through.  Aglialoro is having a “Liberty Congress” in Philly on Nov. 11th.  Most of the conservative think tanks and activist organizations have been invited.  Biddulph, Uhler and probably some others will be there for the Task Force.  Bill Fruth thinks it might be a setup, that Aglialoro is already sold on CoS.  We’ll see.  If we get a fair hearing we win on the merits.

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