The Liberty Congress

John Aglialoro made a fortune making exercise equipment.  John Mackey co-founded Whole Foods.  Both are libertarians.  Aglialoro is hosting the Liberty Congress in Philly on 11-11.  Mackey will be there.  They’ve got oodles of money and want to save their country.

The Congress is about Article V.  Nick Dranias will present on his “interstate compact” approach.  Mark Meckler will present for CoS.  Dave Biddulph will close for the BBA Task Force.

Mike Ferris of CoS has already gotten to Aglialoro, but he wouldn’t be calling the Congress if he didn’t want to explore alternatives.

I think this is big.  If they don’t quite “get” Article V yet, Aglialoro and Mackey will come away from the Congress convinced that Article V is the answer.  They’re very bright, patriotic guys.  They may not know a lot about politics, but they’re quick learners, I hope.

Worst case is they decide to go whole hog on CoS.  Best case they fund the Task Force.  But they’ll decide to push Article V.  They probably won’t just jump in — they’ll take some time.  But once the Task Force gets to 27, 28, 29……they’ll get it.  Do the BBA through Article V and everything falls into place.

Money talks.

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