It’s a word that belongs in the campaign theme of the Republican nominee in 2016.  As in “The Restoration of America”, or “Restoring Freedom”.

Obama sought to transform America, and to an extent he succeeded.  The reversal of a transformation is a restoration.

Political revolutions often appeal to a return to better days in olden times.  The American Revolution was fought, in part, to defend the ancient liberties of British freemen.  A restoration is a return to better ways.  Politically, in 2016, it will mean repealing Obamacare, radical change to the tax code (with the goal of abolishing the IRS), the rebirth of federalism, and wholesale downsizing of the size and scope of the federal government.

Article V will play a role in the Restoration.

War is hell

When you’re coming on strong, as the R’s are, in October, you’re afraid of surprises.  I think the D’s, because of Obama’s War, will get a surprise.  There’s an isolated town on the Syria/Iraq border, full of tens of thousands of Kurds, women, and children, that ISIS is about to take.  Obama’s War is against ISIS, and if they win this victory we’re losing the war  — it’s our war, even if it’s Obama’s.

For the Low Information Voter, and especially for security moms, the images which would come out of this town would turn them hard against Obama.  He will have allowed our enemy in war to perpetrate mass slaughter on our allies in the war — the Kurds.  And the women and children.  It won’t be pretty.

I hope none of this comes to pass.  But it’s only a hope.

Put up or shut up

Rep. Kraig Powell of Heber City, Utah may be our best sponsor, and when we came up short last year I told him, “I’ll be back.”

So I may wind up spending a week in Salt Lake City lobbying.  I think I’ll probably have to do the same in Montana.  If the legislators will give me a fair hearing, if they haven’t been captured by the Birchers/Eagle Forum crowd, I’m confident it will work.

It’s a big commitment, but, what the hell.  It’s not like I’m making such a huge sacrifice.  Bill Fruth and Dave Biddulph have done more.  I made a promise to Kraig that I have to keep, and Montana is the one state we just have to get this year.  If we don’t get it I don’t think we’ll get to 34 before 2017 — two and a half years.  Even if we’re one or two short in 2016, it can still be a big political issue that year, if the Presidential candidate chooses to talk about it.  And that would probably depend on the extent to which voters are even aware of it.

Publicity is what we seek.  I’ve spent a fair amount of time trying to think of some publicity stunt, but have failed.

The election is four weeks from tomorrow.  This particular midterm will go down as a vote of no confidence in Obama.  Part of it will, I think, be racial — a white backlash against Eric Holder’s blatantly pro-black policies, against the Ferguson Missouri riots, and against affirmative action generally.

And against the affirmative action President specifically.

Who’s the man?

Way back in 2012 I thought it was pretty easy to figure out that Romney would win the nomination —  all his competitors had disabling flaws.

Gingrich was crazy, and it was just a matter of time before that was obvious.

Perry wasn’t ready for prime time.

Santorum was a political loser.  You don’t lose reelection to the Senate in a landslide, and then turn around and get elected President.

Cain was a loose cannon — with no experience in office.  In this country, only Generals get a pass on that.

Huntsman was a lib — fuggedaboutit.

Pawlenty was weak.

Bachman was not a stable person.

But in 2014 the field is not so flawed. I like Paul, Jindal, Pence and Kasich — all fully behind the Article V BBA, and all electable.
Cruz, Perry, Walker — they could all win. Bush and Christie will never get nominated — too far left.

The winner will be the one who — What? No one knows. As much as anything I think it will be their public persona, their attitude, just the way they carry themselves. We want a strong, smart, dedicated conservative, but we don’t like anyone who comes on too strong, or too smart, or too dedicated, or too conservative.

Somebody like Reagan.