Liberty Congress

Dave Biddulph gave the Task Force a report on his talk with John Aglialoro, organizer of the 11-11 Liberty Congress in Philly.  He succeeded in convincing him to invite ALEC and NFIB, both of which he was unaware of.  It will be limited to 35 or so participants, including Dave, Lew Uhler, and either Bill Fruth or State Sen. Kevin Lundberg of Colorado, co-founder of the Article V Caucus.

Dave will be presenting our case, as will Nick Dranias for the Compact initiative, and Mark Meckler for CoS.  Dranias has agreed to promote an “all of the above” strategy, asking the assemblage to support us all.  Meckler will not agree.  In a sense, he really can’t, since that would undermine one of the premises of his own organization — to wit, only a handful of our 24 Resolutions can be aggregated, that is, counted. Natelson won’t be coming, so we’ll need to rely on Prof. Randy Barnett to refute this claim.  Barnett is more widely known than Natelson — he’s a heavyweight, though not an Article V specialist.  It is absolutely critical that he is prepared, and willing, to confute the charge of non-aggregation.  Once that has been rebutted, the logic of getting behind the Task Force as the first train through the Article V tunnel is overwhelming — Meckler really doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

I’d heard there might be a problem with the Mississippi Resolution, as there was with Florida.  Florida has been fixed, Mississippi hasn’t.  Add one to our list of targets.  Mississippi shouldn’t  be a problem.  Hopefully Rep. Joe Harrison, Master Legislator,  of neighboring Louisiana can set us up there.

Kevin Lundberg has agreed to help in Wyoming.  He represents an adjoining area of Colorado, and has numerous contacts in Wyoming.  He’s a smart, conscientious guy, and I feel better about Wyoming now.

Another day, and nothing to upset the narrative of this election.  I can’t trust my own judgment on this.  I’m so invested in the wave that I see signs of it all over the place.  I have an excellent imagination.

But it gets fevered sometimes.

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