Our Man in Montana

That would be Brent Mead of the Montana Policy Institute.  From what I’ve been able to learn, he appears to be a respected and connected player in Montana politics, particularly the legislature.  I don’t think he sits around thinking big thoughts.  He’s in the arena.

I’ve been worried about Montana.  If we come up short in North Dakota (highly unlikely) or Wyoming, we could try to get the Governor to call a special session in 2016.  But that’s not available in Montana, with a Democratic Governor.  And in those states we have huge, overwhelming majorities of R’s.  I think the Wyoming House is 51-9.  But there are a lot of Democrats in the Montana legislature, so we don’t have much margin for error.

I had a couple ideas about what to do in Montana.  Brent thinks he may have a better way.  I’m going to follow his lead.  He’ll be in the Capitol every day of the session, and has made a commitment to push our resolution.  I have no doubt he will, but it certainly won’t be his only project.  He’ll have other irons in the fire.  But the reason I’m much more optimistic is that I have something to offer him, of real value.  I’ll be making a deposit in the favor bank, and Brent will owe me one.  I think it will motivate him to put us at the very top of his list in the coming session.  And I believe he will deliver, if it is at all possible.

I haven’t been able to make contact with him the last few days, and that’s just fine with me, because I think I know why.  He’s up to his eyeballs working on the Republican Majority organizations, probably in cahoots with the new Speaker and Senate President.  All good.

A lot of chatter about where the wave came from.  I say it all started a year ago when people wised up to the Whopper — you can keep your health plan, keep your doctor.  Even the lowest information voter realized he’d been lied to.  Deliberately.  Repeatedly.  Knowingly.

Right then and there the D’s were toast.  And Obama’s a tar baby — they can’t get free of him.  For the next two years the leader of the Democratic Party will be a man no one believes, no one trusts.  And even when he leaves office they’re stuck with him.  He’ll be in his mid-50’s, and in excellent health.  He’s going to live forever, and you know damn well he won’t keep his mouth shut.  For blacks he’ll be a living icon, who can never be disrespected.  The D’s are married to the black vote, and thus to Barack Obama, for as long as he lives.

Live long and prosper, brother.

P.S.  Don’t worry about the Alaska Senate seat.  In tight races, where absentee and challenged ballots make the difference, R’s have a secret advantage — voter fraud.  When military guys (and there are thousands of them)  are rotated out of Alaska, they maintain their Alaska residence in order to keep getting Permanent Fund Dividends — about $1880 this year.  They all, every one of them, vote absentee to show their residence.  The only thing they care about in Alaska is the dividend — and Republicans were the creators and remain the defenders of the dividend (I had a hand in that).  Plus, Republicans are pro military, so we get 90% of their vote.  Democrats know about this, but don’t want to look anti-military.  Republicans?  Che sera, sera.  What will be, will be.

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