I signed on as a volunteer in the Paul campaign.  All Fivers (Biddulph’s term) should pick a candidate and do likewise.  I hope to worm my way into a position where I can make a suggestion on political strategy.  You get one guess as to what my advice will be.

I will specifically suggest the Senator travel to Columbia, South Carolina to testify before the South Carolina legislature in support of our resolution.  I’ve read (somewhere on the internet, so you never know) that he testified in support before the Kentucky Senate, so this isn’t anything new.  I would also suggest he make a side trip to Charleston to meet with Republican leaders there, including John Steinberger, Chairman of the Charleston County GOP, and a serious player in SC Republican politics.  John and his wife told me they were mightily impressed with their extended talk with Ted Cruz.  When I told them Cruz was not supporting us they were surprised.  I urged them to ask Cruz about that if they got the chance, and they agreed.

If this is taken seriously I’d go further and suggest day trips to Virginia and West Virginia to testify before those legislatures.  And if his travel plans permit, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to drop by Oklahoma City, Phoenix and Helena.  I could go on.

This all may come to naught, but it’s worth a try.  Paul is my choice, and I want him to win.  I strongly believe pushing Article V and the BBA is smart politically, and would help him.  And I’ll make a bold prediction that if he does this, his rivals will follow suit.  (The only down side is pissing off the Birch/Eagle Forum crowd.  If that idea scares you you’re not a serious person.)  If Pence, Kasich or Jindal runs there’s no doubt they would follow Paul’s lead on this.  Probably Perry and Rubio as well.  I’m not a fan of Christie or Bush, but if they want to jump in, the water’s fine.

Cruz is the only one that might balk.  When he took on the establishment candidate in the Texas Senate primary he looked for help wherever he could get it, and my bet is that he got significant help from the Birch/Eaglers, and owes them.  To be honest, Cruz turns me off.  He’s smarmy, and too eager to show he’s the smartest guy in the room  — the fact that he probably is, is no excuse.  Ten years from now I might change my mind, but I don’t think his current demeanor works.

Thanks to Lou Marin and Loren Enns of IamAmerica we have a lot of grass roots support in South Carolina.  These are the kind of people who get involved in Presidential primaries.  The first candidate to champion Article V and the BBA will have a leg up getting their support.  And, of course, South Carolina comes right after New Hampshire on the 2016 calendar.

The thing is, Paul testifying in Columbia is newsworthy.  United States Senators don’t normally testify before state legislative committees.  For federalists, it is a proper sign of respect to the state legislatures who, under Article V, are the ultimate sovereigns in this country.  So this thing will get covered, maybe on Fox News.  90% of the audience would wonder, “WTF?  What is Article V, for God’s sake?”  And then they’d learn.  And they’d like it.

All Fivers, not just in the Task Force, should sign up for a Presidential campaign and try to promote the Article V BBA as an issue for their candidate.

As is typical, I get carried away.  But for Christ’s sake, Republicans have been yammering about how they want a BBA for forty years.  No one takes it seriously any more.  It’s a throwaway line in a stump speech.  But when only ten more states are needed, all of them with Republican majorities in both chambers, the idea of doing it through Article V isn’t some wild-eyed vision.  It could happen.

If Rand Paul grabs this ball and runs with it he’s the next President of the United States.

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