Kasich’s smart

In Time he says he’s going to be out campaigning for our resolution.  In addition, Dave says retiring Sen. Coburn should be endorsing our cause in the next few weeks.  At the Liberty Congress in Philly Dave asked when we would start to get some media.  Dick Morris (yeah, that one) said it would happen when Republican Presidential candidates started talking about in the debates.  I disagree.  We don’t have to wait for the debates.

You can bet the ranch that all the potential candidates are watching each other like hawks.  Kasich’s statement, in Time, puts him out front on this issue — and it’s a good one, as anyone with a room temperature IQ can see.  My bet is that before Kasich is allowed to take this issue, run with it, and make it his own, other candidates will weigh in.  It’s too good an idea to let him have to himself.

Thus far, the NFIB and ALEC have been our pillars of support.  Having them with us makes this doable.  Dave set up a cc with them this morning — Gary Selvy, Steve Woods, and Daniel Markels of NFIB, and Michael Bowman of ALEC.  I’ll be working mainly with Daniel, Western States Director.  He’s taken the initiative and is setting up cc’s with his state reps and a few others in AZ, ID, SD, ND, MT, UT and WY.  This is exactly what needs to be done, now.  I’ve got a strong ally, which helps.

My old buddy Rick Halford has done it again.  In 1990 he masterminded the successful third party candidacy of Wally Hickel for Governor of Alaska.  The Republican candidate was Arliss Sturgulewski, a RINO.  Now that he’s an old pro, he’s proven he’s still got it (he’s 70).  He’s got a hard on for Republican Governor Sean Parnell.  Probably over the Pebble Mine, which Rick vehemently opposes (he’s evolved, politically).  So he decides he wants Bill Walker, an independent, to be Governor.  He gets the Democrat to drop out, has Walker team up with the Democratic Lt. Gov., a well respected Native, and goes one to one with Parnell and beats him.  Today Walker announced that Rick and a Native woman from Bethel will head his transition team.

Rick was already in the legislature four years when I got elected in 1982.  He was my mentor for a while.  An amazing guy, one of the smartest people I’ve ever known.  Politics cost him his first marriage, to Connie, who everybody liked.  Had three daughters.  Then he married a staffer in Juneau, a part Native gal from Dillingham.  When he quit the legislature he moved out there, and now has three sons.  I talk to him every couple years.  He seems really happy, more so than I’ve ever seen.

He’s got something to smile about tonight.

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