I figured Idaho would be one of those states that would have to wait until 2016.  Too many Birch-Eaglers.

My wife and I spent a few days in the Idaho panhandle recently.  I liked the locals quite a lot.  They seemed like my kind of people.  Politically hard core.  Really hard core.  It was where you’d expect to find Birchers, Eaglers, and militiamen.  I figured they even were stronger in Idaho than Utah or Oklahoma.  Back in February, our sponsor, Sen. Marv Hagedorn, couldn’t get the bill out of the first committee of referral.

Today Bill Fruth and I got a chance to discuss all this with Suzie Budge, NFIB’s veteran Idaho lobbyist.  A woman who obviously knows what she’s talking about.  She sees the political appeal of this issue, and thinks we can get it through the House; and if we can convince Majority Leader Bart Davis we can get the Senate.

Davis is no Andy Biggs.  He’s a lawyer, is not Birch/Eagle, and is open to reason.  We’ll get Natelson with him one on one and I’ll bet he’ll come around.

Lots of other stuff in Idaho as well.  Greg Casey of BIPAC for the establishment R’s.  Wayne Hoffman of the Idaho Freedom Foundation for the Tea Party R’s.

We can get Idaho.

Dysfunction in Washington right now is a good thing, from an Article V perspective.  If there were a bunch of adults back there, trying to figure out how to get us out of this hole we’re digging, people might want to hold off on something as unprecedented as Article V.  So I’m waiting for Ferguson Missouri to erupt in black violence.

This is a very bad thing, don’t get me wrong.  Put yourself in the shoes of the peaceful, law abiding people that live there.  Their town will be taken over by violent hoodlums and imported rabble rousers.

The big media won ‘t say it, but there are a lot of people who know why this will be happening.  Obama used Ferguson as a way to jack up the black vote.  It’s truly disgraceful.  You’d think there would be more thoughtful black people who would speak out about this.

Obama is serene in his faith that he is on the right side of history, that he is riding a strong current in a big river.  So he’ll stick to his guns the next two years, confident in his legacy of righteousness.  No give.  No backing down.  None of that half way stuff.

Hell go down hard.

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