Micah Ketchel and the RSLC

The Republican State Leadership Council is the arm of the Party tasked with electing R’s at the state level, saving Governors.  They spend around $30 million an election cycle, and, if results count for anything, are doing the job.  They’ve adopted a BBA through Article V as their own issue, and ask all state legislative leaders to pledge to support it.

Micah Ketchel is the guy from RSLC who works with us.  He’s been on some Friday cc’s, and a couple months back I suggested he do something for us.  He kind of blew me off, so I’ve been reluctant to approach him again.  But we need help in Wyoming and Idaho, so I emailed him and he got right back.  He said he will make the calls to legislative leadership that we need.  When a man who has $30 million in his pocket calls, you listen.

I didn’t ask him to make the sale.  I’ll do that, if necessary.  But he’ll get me in the room.  Two months ago the current Wyoming Speaker of the House, Tom Lubnau (who was with us) told me his successor would be Rep. Kermit Brown.  So I called him up and he basically blew me off.  Once you’re blown off, you’re blown off, as far as I’m concerned.  So I’m not going to try to cold call these Wyoming Senators.  I need an intro, and Micah can get it.

I feel better about Wyoming already.

I emailed yesterday’s post to Robert Costa at the WaPo and Jake Tapper at Fox.  It went to their publicly available website, so it probably won’t be read.  But there’s a story here.  The Article V Coalition has members who are well known and respected.  The mission of the Coalition is credible.  It’s goal is a political bombshell that would upend the Presidential race.

But I’m not a journalist, so I must be missing something.

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