Got a little feedback from the Task Force, saying “Sleeper” from a couple days ago was too partisan.  It was meant to be.  It’s target audience was R’s who may not care a lot about a BBA and are skeptical of the whole Article V thing.  But they want to win in 2016, and using the BBA is a way to do it.

Ever since I joined the Task Force about a year ago everyone has emphasized the importance of bipartisanship.  I remember we were all excited that some D from Rhode Island was interested in the Mt. Vernon thing.  The Task Force has been around for three or four years, and when it was formed it made sense to try to get D’s to work with.  But it’s been fruitless.  We win with Republicans, and some D’s tag along.  That’s the way it is.  A façade of bipartisanship is fine.  As long as it doesn’t interfere with business.

I rewrote Sleeper and submitted it to the American Thinker.  They only take original material.  I sent them a piece a year ago that they passed on.  It kind of pissed me off.  The editor I dealt with, J.R. Dunn, made some snarky remarks about Article V  —  something he clearly knew nothing about.  I read AT all the time, and the quality of my submission was definitely up to their standards.  But it wasn’t my best.  I was all jacked up after the ALEC meeting in D. C. and I kind of dashed it off.  Sleeper is much better.  We’ll see.

A lot of the Task Force is going to ALEC again in D.C.  I wish them well.  We need to figure out exactly how the Jefferson Project and the National Taxpayers Union are going to fit in to our twelve campaigns.  They could be a lot of help, but we need hard commitments on what they’ll actually do.

I’m not going.  I don’t generally like going to meetings.  Most people in meetings don’t have a lot say, but they want to talk anyway.  It’s tiresome.  When I left the legislature in 1990 the nice thing was all the meetings I didn’t have to go to.

I wasn’t a natural politician.

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