The third wave

Chuck Schumer is what passes for smart in the Democratic Party.  He says doing Obamacare was dumb.  They should have done more on the economy, to help the working man.  Like, say, granting de facto amnesty to 5 million more illegals, putting them in the work force to keep the wages of the American working man down.  And he’s the smart one.

What Chuck doesn’t get is that government can only have a very limited role in economic revival.  It mainly needs to get out of the way.  That’s what Reagan did.  Maybe Chuck didn’t notice.

It’s not just Chuck, it’s all the D’s.  They had no issue in 2014.  They’ll have none in 2016.  They’re all about using government, but they’ve just definitively proven that they are incompetent at it.  No one will trust them to do anything major for a generation.  They’re a spent force.

Their gal, Hillary, is a seriously flawed candidate, but all candidates (except the Gipper) have flaws.  Her real problem is she’s got nothing to run on.  The war on women?  The minimum wage?  Income equality, that’s the ticket!  She’ll use all that Goldman Sachs money to run against Goldman Sachs!  Brilliant!  Triangulation, just like Bill used to do.

Something’s got to happen in the next two years to change this equation, or we’ll get a third wave, as big or bigger than 2010 and 2014.  By then Article V will be ready to kick into high gear.  We should have a BBA by 2016, and then we’ll be primed for Congressional term limits.  By then most people will be familiar with the way Article V works.  It will be a huge success.  All the legislatures, and legislators, who were involved with the BBA will be raring to go on round two.  Especially the delegates who attended the Amendment Convention.  They made history.  It was fun.  They’ll want to do it again.  We should have 34 legislatures under Republican control.  Even if we don’t, on an issue like term limits we’ll get some help from enough D’s to make it work.  We could get 34 states in 2017, ratification by State Convention in 2018.  Then it will be on to the next of the Liberty Amendments which has the most support.  We might even be ready for my personal favorite.  I call it the Federalist Amendment.  30 State Legislatures would have the power to overturn any federal law or regulation within two years of its passage.  We’ll have a chain around the neck of the Big Dog in D. C.

A new sport is catching on in the White House press corps: counting the number of times Obama uses the first person singular (I, me, my) in a speech.  In Chicago on Tuesday it was 91.  Impressive, but not close to the record he set in Austin, Texas back on July 10  — one hundred and ninety-nine!

Back in ’59, when I was a sophomore at St. Mary’s High, I had a teacher who fell into the habit of constantly using the word “aspect.”  With Brother Bernard, everything had a lot of aspects.  The class he was teaching did not appeal to me (I think it was Religion), and the whole aspect thing really annoyed me.  So I got together with Jack McClenahan and Jim Rockett and started the Aspect Pool.  Everybody put in a nickel, and whoever guessed the number of times Brother Bernard said “aspect” would win the pot.  I think we got twenty guys to buy in.

So the next day, for once, everyone was paying close attention to every word Brother Bernard said.  I was the score keeper, but everybody was doing it.  So he’d say “One aspect of …”  and the whole class would simultaneously make a mark on their score card.  At first he didn’t catch on, but after a while we could see it was getting to him.  When the class was over he’d said “aspect” like 32 times.  Somebody won a buck.  We tried again the next day, but it wasn’t as good.  We all thought Brown Nose Rod Arriaga ratted on us.

So Ed Henry of Fox needs to get a Me Pool going in the White House press corps.  The next time Obama has a presser, everybody kicks in $100 and guesses the number of times he uses the first person singular.  They’ll all keep score, so when O says “I…” everyone will make a mark on their card.

It might get on his nerves, like it did Brother Bernard.

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