Those are the odds Vegas is giving on an R win in’16.  I think it’s 3-2, or 60-40.  If you’re a bettor, act now, because it’ll be 2-1 next year.

Big story in today’s Plain Dealer about Kasich’s plans to run around the country for an Article V BBA.  If I’m in the Paul campaign, I’m thinking, Do we want to let Kasich have this issue all to himself?  They respect Kasich’s smarts.  They know that, in Kasich’s mind, this is something he wants to take the lead on.  They know that Kasich doesn’t see any downside to what he’s doing.

I’m telling you, this is an issue to run for President on.  John Kasich has figured it out.  In my mind, he deserves a lot of credit  — and will get it.  If this thing takes off, and we get to 34 next year, who’s going to get the credit?  John Kasich.

I don’t care about who gets credit.  And I don’t really care who gets the nomination.  I want Rand Paul to jump on this bandwagon, big time.  I want Pence, and Jindal, and Perry, too. Hell, I want ’em all, even Bush and Christie.  The more the merrier.

I’m not predicting this.  Kasich may be an outlier.  But I sense a breeze stirring.

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