A meeting in Columbus

Bill Fruth has a meeting Friday with Merle Madrid, Gov. Kasich’s public liaison.  He’s handling Kasich’s efforts on behalf of an Article V BBA, or, put another way, on our behalf.  Kasich has publicly committed to go on the campaign trail on this issue.  By establishing this line of communication, Bill, and the Task Force, will be able to assist Kasich, and make his travels more productive.

Our goals, and his, are, of course, not identical.  We want him to go to Boise, Cheyenne, Oklahoma City, Phoenix and Richmond.  Richmond, Virginia may appeal to him, as would Columbia, South Carolina (the third state on the nomination calendar, after Iowa and New Hampshire).  Bill checked with our man in South Carolina, Charleston County Republican Chairman John Steinberger.  He said, Come on down.  The Party would have an event for Kasich the evening after he testifies before the legislature (if that is, in fact, what he would do).

At the Liberty Congess in  Philly, Dick Morris said we’d get the public’s attention when the Presidential candidates start talking about our issue.  Even though he made a fool of himself with his confident predictions of a Romney win, Morris is no dope.  He played a major role in getting Clinton reelected.  And he’s right.  The media, Fox in particular, can’t wait to cover the Republican nomination fight.  It will drive ratings.  A horse race with so many legitimate contenders is fun to follow.  So a Kasich trip to Columbia would make news, even if it’s not, technically, presidential campaigning.  It’ll do.  For political junkies, it’s mainlining.

[In this vein, Dave Biddulph avers we’ll soon be getting help from retiring Sen. Coburn of Oklahoma.  It won’t get as much play, but he could help, a lot.  Insiders in Conservatism Inc. have respect for Coburn.  He’s as straight a shooter as there is.  He’s a local hero back in Oklahoma.  All the Republicans love this guy.  If he could get us Oklahoma, we’d be tickled.  I actually don’t think we get Oklahoma without him.]

In the mean time, what are the leventy-leven contenders doing?  Doing all the same old same old.  Iowa, New Hampshire, New Hampshire, Iowa.

I’ve been trying to get into Kasich’s head.  Hell yes, he wants to run.  He’s 62, and it’s now or never.  He made a token run 16 years ago, and learned from the experience.  But announcing early would be wrong for him.  He’s a Governor.  It’s a big job.  And campaigns burn cash.  He can’t be sure how he’d fit in the field until the field is formed.  Are Bush and Christie in or out?

So he waits.  But he’s stuck in the backwater of Columbus.  How does he get out and test the waters, without appearing to do so?  Keep his name, and the prospect of his running, in the conversation?

Campaign across the country for the most important part of the Constitution, Article V.  And a BBA.  The answers.

I think I am getting into Kasich’s head.  And what I’m finding is one smart son of a bitch.

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