Since we ‘ve got Senate President Niederhauser (a Task Force co-founder) presiding, and Sen. Curt Bramble carrying our bill, all we’ll need to work on is the House (in the State Senate of Utah, if Curt Bramble carries your bill, it passes the Senate).

We need 38, and start out ten shy.  There are eleven new R’s, and two that didn’t vote earlier this year.  So we win if we get 10 of 13 targets.  We don’t need to turn one nay to a yea.  Though we’ll try that, of course.  The NFIB and the Utah Libertas Institute will try and generate calls of support from constituents of targets.  We’ll try to bring Natelson in for Jan. 12-13.  I would probably go too.  Meanwhile Reps. Powell and Greene will work the freshmen.

When we lost back in April I wondered if my visit to Salt Lake had done any good.  There was one guy on the Committee I testified before that I thought I connected with.  We had a little back and forth.  It was fun.  A guy named Mike Noel.  Earlier he’d heard me give my pitch to the Conservative Caucus.  I was sitting outside the chamber later that day and he walked by, and we exchanged nods.  We thought he was kind of on the fence, and the way he looked at me I thought we’d lost him.  He looked kind of apologetic.

Kraig tells me today that he gave an impassioned floor speech on behalf of our bill.  And, even better, he’s the new Rules Chair.  We’ll get the committee we want, Revenue and Taxation.  And, mucho better, he’s best buddies with the new Speaker, who voted against us last year.  Kraig thought we had a good shot at turning the new Speaker, Greg Hughes.  With his best buddy helping out, it’ll be a lot easier.

I remember kind of liking Mike Noel.

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