Bill Fruth had a good meeting in Columbus with Kasich’s Chief of Staff.  All systems go.  My post of a few days ago, Setting the Table, may have sounded farfetched.  If it was then, it’s not now.  Getting to 34 next year could happen  — with all of the consequences which will naturally flow from it.  And that’s a lot of consequences.

Bill and Dave have been at this for five years.  They were visionaries.  Five years ago this scheme needed support from Democratic state legislators.  So it was a real long shot.   The wave of 2010 brought it within reach.  But it was still a stretch.  The wave of 2014 made it realistic.  Bill’s meeting in Columbus means it’s probably going to happen.  If not 2015, in 2016.

This isn’t the time to get into details.  A lot of things will be worked out in the next week.

I’ve been at this blog for a year.  It hasn’t been wasted.

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